Tuesday, October 25, 2011


1st Jan 2112
President of Earth

My fellow human beings, our species has long feared an alien civilization of attacking us, resulting in the end of human civilization. That very moment has arrived, in the last 2-3 decades we have seen continuous attacks from aliens. The fundamental question of dealing with these aliens is not of a technological nature but of a moral and ethical nature.

We all know these aliens were part of human civilization just 100 years ago until they decided to break apart from being a civilized human civilization. They denied themselves from getting registered on the Human Identification Database (HID) citing privacy concerns, migrating to hills and jungles cutting themselves from the greatest human invention of Social Media. This species is not on our network, we can't trace them using GPS, we can't trace their thought history on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover we have no idea what they eat and inhale. Google is all we can do but then again this species is completely offline and highly de-localised. Street View is of no importance as Google is yet to implement Hill View. I simply don't understand this, we have scanned every rock on Mars but still these parts are left out.

We have visualized many wars with aliens in movies and literature in the last 200 years but we never thought a species from within us will emerge, one that is highly unsocial, unwilling to use life saving tools like iPhones and BBs. Without social interaction they are at a serious risk of genetic disorders, causing mental diseases, posing further danger to human civilization.

We must recognize the fundamental need of human beings is to be social, that's why we have religions, society and family. We must interact with each other, that's why we have GRIDS of Human Identification Database (HID). Our forefathers - Obama, Jobs and Zuckerberg to name few; invested trillions of dollars on it. They knew this is the most fundamental part of being human and any species getting out of it, should be alien to human civilization. Today we have every single dog, common fly, mosquito and cockroach on GRID, we are better prepared to protect our children and give them a better future than what our forefathers had.

We had envisioned an ever smiling society that is connected at a thought's length to every human need with our GRID and HID systems. Today we can proudly say we have materialized this vision. And just because of a few unaccounted sub human species we are risking our greatest investments on human society.

These are difficult questions and answers are even more difficult, as always we need to look back at our great past; our history of not just 2-3 thousand years; but our history since our great evolution as a Human being. We all know how Neanderthal posed a serious risk to human civilization some thousands of years ago and how our great forefathers exterminated them. I know this is a painful decision but we have taken great pains in providing a secure and brighter future for our children. We cannot let them slip into the chaos of anti-social behavior just because we don't have the moral strength of answering hard ethical and moral questions.

It's time we should reiterate our faith in Society and take a bold decision to preserve the very fabric of human civilization – to stay connected. On my orders today, the 1st of Jan 2112 at 0800 hrs United Earth's Special Social Group launched a scathing and surgical attack on these anti social species in the hills of continents across Earth. These attacks will continue until this species relent to register themselves on HID. We do not expect a single human life to be lost in these operations. This underlines our commitment to being social and respect for human life.

God Bless Humans, Thank You.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Sick Daughter

My daughter is sick. And like any other father I feel like crying. I had raised her with my own warmth, affection and blood. She has never been like that, she had infections in the past but they were never that serious. In fact they added to her beauty but this time it’s getting stinky.

There are scars and warts all around her body. She smells so awful at times. Her baby looked at her carefully recently, like he does ever since his birth, and said to me "Mama seems to be infested by 7 billion parasites all around her body". And he said to me that Mama's parasite have tried to infest him too in the past and he suspects that they have spotted other family members too for future infestation.

They are multiplying irrationally. But then that's not the problem, she has always been a host to millions of other parasite types but none made her sick. This particular two legged parasite with flat nails seems to be killing her with thousands of toxins. I am really worried about her. I have asked her big brother, who lives little far away to get some antibiotics from far off places and inject her. But that's a very cruel process and she herself would not agree to that. Some 65 million year ago she got an antidote which got her rid of giant parasites and she is too scared of all this again. Plus she loved these parasites in the past.

Anyway if she keeps getting sicker I will ave no other option but to get her antidotes injected, probably I will ask her other brothers to hurl an antidote from far away. In the meantime I would pray for my Daughter. I hope she get well soon and that her rogue parasites change.

A distressed father - SUN