Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Year 2011 and Social Media So Far.

I am really angry just like everyone else, and all I can do is to compensate it with a smiley's like :) Twitter clouds actually identify ":)" as my top tweet word, huh.

Anyway we are right into the second half of 2011 and world has survived the Armageddon of 21st May, there were few more depending on which part of the world you live - the next one is on 21st October this year prior to the original one of 21st Dec 2012. I know its going to be fun. Stay tuned on social media. Remember you will get it first on social media.

Arab world saw a spring unusually spreading across different countries from Tunisia to Egypt, once again social media enthusiast saw it as their victory, where it was just a medium for people. It was people's desire for change which mattered. Here in India we have many social media groups but change is happening on Twitter time lines and Facebook feeds only, anyway thats a whole different story of India.

The Great people of Japan went through Tsunami and then Nuclear melt down at Fukushima in March this year. This could have been a real Armageddon for many countries but Japanese resilience prevailed and world needs to learn lessons from it - importantly how to get rid of Nuclear Energy and Crisis Management right in the middle of crisis, I know many in India will understand what I mean. Indian News channels got hold of some Indians in Japan using Skype and had chit chat with them to know the real time updates. Social media was once again powerfully used with minimum power consumption.

Then there was a shocker right after the telecast of royal wedding on Youtube in England, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the big boss of illegal international terrorism, 20-30 Kms from the India-Pakistan border but inside the Pakistani town of Abbottabad - and yes a guy live tweeted the operations. And the news too first broke out on twitter. Social Media you know? As of now Osama is dead on social media and like Saddam no one is interested anymore ~ until someone comes up with a leak.

That reminds me of Wikileaks, which turned out to be Vickyleaks in India. After all political parties were slammed one by one our leaders realized they are not authentic and can't be trusted. So there is no change, once again despite the social media.

Hey and wait how can I think about 2011 and forget about India winning a Cricket World Cup. Though cricket is not played across the world like football its still a world cup, its a tough game not everyone can play. Anyway after that IPL started and cricket was fun after that. Twitter and facebook presented ball by ball coverage of entire fleet of cheerleaders.

Technologically nothing much happened other than Sony being hacked repeatedly, tech world is not sure where is the Cloud until the iCloud. All in all everything was on social media and people are enjoying. Have fun guys stay in good Facebooks and keep twitter cluttered.


Giribala said...

Mid-year round up! Cool :-)

Harsh Nema said...

Yeh, Thnx. you broke the silence of comments :)