Sunday, January 03, 2010

Delhi Meri Jaan! Good Bye for now.

Its been almost 4 years when i made my uncertain journey to Delhi for my first job (which is still my only job :) with advice to be careful day and night in a city which is notorious for what not. whatever you see in 24 hours news channels, i saw that notorious image of Delhi being smashed away every time I tested this beautiful city. People most of the time will go out of their way to help you out, of course there are problems and crimes but where they are not?

When in October of 2009 I decided to leave Delhi for Bangalore, i never realized how painful first month will be in forever spring of Bangalore.

I started missing everything from chilling weather to everyday chaos.

I miss all my friends, colleagues, and some people whom you have nothing to do with, but they are there when I count people who matter for what I am. All of them, i would have simply missed had it not been Delhi.

Food - You cannot talk for more than 7 minutes to a Delhite without him or her mentioning cuisines of Delhi (k, i made up 7 minute part :) All the spices that end up making me run for water, soon were part of my life, leaving my mom in amazement.

Weather sometime makes you feel as if it is punishing you for being in Delhi. Going from near freezing to almost killing you at 44°C (111 °F) every year. This has a special place in a way Delhi reacts and what makes them special as a Delhite :) All my winter jackets and sweaters are still packed, and i paid heavly for being part of my extra baggage from Delhi to Bangalore.

History - At Delhi you dont live in a city, you live in a History Book. City which was raised seven times from ground zero after being razed several times has lot to offer if you are interested in culture, history, monuments etc. I miss Qutub Minar on my way to office daily :)

Delhites - Well Well this is what makes Delhi what Delhi is. There is a sense of entitlement among Delhites, which drives the city. From rich to poor everyone in the city think they have keys to the problems of India. You can find a Gorkha discussing Kashmiri whether they should be free or be a autonomous region and suddenly Bihari jumping in, all this being closely watched by Tamilian. I am not saying this does not happen anywhere else but it cannot be as entertaining anywhere else. Specially when a Delhite punctuate his sentence with B word :)

Well all said and done life will never be same and sometime i feel for good :)


Kamal Sharma said...

It seems you miss Delhi terribly. Nice post.

gauravash26 said...

Good one....This explains your thoughts.....specially you miss delhi so much....:)

Geet- I'm Life! said...

dilli cheez hi aisi hae... but when I think of b'lore, it reminds me of huge coconut trees, guess it's a matter of time, you'll be cool :)