Monday, September 21, 2009

My Blogger Colleagues

What I am doing now a days? Well I read a lot of crap on internet thanks to Google Reader. Lately few of my colleagues have turned bloggers, which means you can discuss about blogging face to face within office with them. And they remind me of my old passion when you just want to post post and post and then want someone to discuss on it. Ok that was then, now I am too lazy to post anything more than a twitter length that too rarely.

So when I decided to write something bigger and lighter, I chose them.

Let me introduce them…

Analygy – That’s Mr Ahmer, He is been writing randomly for last one year, though there is nothing random in his writing. Questioning, motivating, philosophy, etc. all the heavy stuff. You need brain to read it. I claim to have one, so I read  And be careful don’t mess with him as its not easy to carry on debating with him.

Angeleyes – Bubbly, Vivacious, and what not you see in a fun loving girl of Delhi (though I think she is from Dehradoon :) Her post’s most of the time are on the lighter side and things around her. And sometime, should say, male bashing  (and you will enjoy that). The best thing about them is the pictures that she put on each of them, which I am not sure where she is stealing from 

Shark In Pound : Boss turned Blogger :) . No he is not my immediate boss. The man from the beautiful hills of Himachal, with interest in fiction, movies and what not. He is one of the very few who hear my crap and laugh  He has decided to write short stories, which may end up long once you spend time understanding the links  Anyhow they are quite refreshing and one certainly enjoy the fast pace of themes.

So if you are fed up of big names in blogging, get along with them before they make it big 