Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back To Blogging... Again!

This is something which 90% of bloggers (If not more) do but few like to say it on there blog...

Yes I am shamelessly back to blogging after a gap of a year. And this time I have made full proof arrangements so that gap between my posts is not that long.

Basically I cant sit in front of 15 Inch monitor handling a foot by 6 inch plate with as many buttons for doing something people called leisure. Even my regular surfing happens in my Nokia E62 over ever improving Opera Mini.

I switched back to from which is a pain to upgrade and with intelligent bots who like to comment every minute on your blog. Blogger is a better option for people like me who don't have time fixing and upgrading versions.

All this was not simple as i had spent more than 12 hours over 15 days ( hmmm) just to find that although you can kick blogger for wordpress but you cant reverse despite 2 or 3 options that you have. The best thing is to say goodbye to all the worst posts and copy and paste the best one. I have lost quite a few post while doing all the experiment. Anyway Internet Archive ( came to my rescue and they have full image of my blog.

More than blogging i enjoy twittering ( its not only easy but you can do it from your mobile. Even more good for me is that I can use my Gtalk (courtesy - and on my mobile to twitter, which is not the case with Blogger. (Just in case you still don't know - Blogger does not have a GPRS (WAP) version.

Anyway more importantly i can use my domain ( over blogger now. Having said all this there are loads of drawbacks using blogger. Blogger is blocked in many organisations. Even if you use your domain it will still be blocked at least in my company it is totally blocked, which means you can neither post nor view anything over blogger. (This prompted me for a while to choose as you can use your domain after paying $10 pounds but i rejected it as you cant have your ads there) I still don't think its easy to configure the same domain for blogger and Gmail Apps . I am using two different domains for the same.

As the future is more and more Mobile, I hope Google will give a serious thought to developing application that are not just the mobile versions but developed purely to be used over Mobile application (With Android it may soon be the case!)

Anyway I wish myself Happy Blogging :)