Monday, April 23, 2007

Do you love Earth?

No matter how many millions of life supporting planets equation may suggest, Planet earth is going to be our only home for coming centuries. Considering that we evolved as humans just 200000 years ago, we made huge strides in this small time. But the way Earth is showing signs of inhospitality makes me feel, how come we humans just few thousand year old can make a 4.5 billion year old planet angry.

Now check this analogy. If you convert the total expected age of earth (around 12 billion years) into a day, earth is only 9 hours old and Humans are only and only 0.048 seconds old. Think this way our history is not even one tenth of a second old. Do we really exist for our wonderfull Planet. The timescale that I used here indicate she may be feeling entertained the way we changed her face - good and the bad.
Now what if she decides to change her mind next second and what if she might have dedicated only a second for us.
Scientist have interesting plan to move house in case she turn hostile. But can we stay longer anywhere else than the time we have spent here. We were evolved in this planet and it does not matter if the seed was designed here or was trasported from some distance place.
Earth will continue to amaze the humanity in the centuries to come like the way she has done uptill now. I remember an astronaut saying the most beautifull thing that you can see from the space is the Earth.

Happy Earth Day.