Thursday, June 23, 2005

Remembering the Queen of Jabalpur (My home town)

Rani Durgavati (1524 – 1564 AD) is a part of Indian history, whom most people in India do not know. One of the reasons may be the absence of the poetess like Smt Subhadra Kumari Chouhan during her period or later (read previous post). Rani Durgavati ruled the kingdom of Gondwana (current region of Mahakoushal in Madhya Pradesh) from 1550 AD to 1564 AD.

Rani Durgavati is famous in Indian history for refusing to submit to the Mughul emperor Akbar as he pushed deep into Central India, which was part of his goal of dominating all of India. Rani fought a battle with limited resources against the commander Asaf Khan of Akbar's army in 1564 AD.

During the battle she was hit by two arrows, one through her jaw near the ear, and the other through her neck. She lost consciousness, and when she regained it, she saw immediately the battle was about to be lost. The mahout of her battle elephant pleaded with her to let him take her back to safety. That meant acknowledging the inevitable defeat and surrender.

Instead of retreating, she killed herself with a dagger. It was this 24th day of June in 1564.

She was seen as a role model 300 years later during the first war of Indian Independence and later.

People in Jabalpur still remember her with great pride. In her honor Jabalpur University is named after her.

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