Sunday, October 03, 2010

BJP.COM - Domain Name Dispute Between Indian National Congress and BJP

BJP the nationalist party of India found a new reason to slam its main opponent - INC or the congress party of India - The domain name dispute over BJP.COM

BJP is claiming it is a theft of its identity, I checked the internet archives and found BJP was never in possession of this domain and is been registered first in 1998 by a company called ontech apparently a domain squatter. For some years they put a page of Brighton Journal of Philosophy starting from early 2000 to June 2008. From then onward someone attempt to ran a News site over BJP.COM. While there is no major sign of Brighton Journal of Philosophy over the internet; news site was a clear attempt to get advertisement - which they were asking too on the site.

No major records exist over Internet Archive after 2008, possible due to site being closed keeping the domain registered. Here are the details of owners, And if BJP want to get this domain, they need to pursue these people.

Now who is forwarding BJP.COM to Congress website can be a matter of speculation. At first sight it seems a domain squatter - ontech seeing no interest from BJP in acquiring domain might have forward it to congress to get huge sum of money from them. Which they will fail to do so considering the domain dispute resolution policy of ICANN - body overseeing the domain names internationally. There is also a possibility either congress or bjp or one of their techie supporter might have contacted ontech and paid them to do this - all for the sake of publicity or controversy.

Congress here will issue a statement denying anything to do with it. Hopefully someone will advice BJP to approach ICANN and get BJP.COM domain transferred to them - probably they will turn commercial then.

Update:- Hours after the controversy broke out is no more accessible in India. Also proxy access outside India is showing site no longer redirecting to congress website, instead is now full of ads.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Life and Human Beings

Since the start of Human history - human beings have believed that they occupy a special position in the web of LIFE.
We started believing our species to be special and our existence is the reason for life. We even started believing that we are the custodians of life in this planet or as some religions say across the universe or in recent year - the multiverse.

The belief of being special is further strengthened by religions. What is obvious is often difficult to be simple - same is with religion. Every new astronomical discovery told us how irrelevant human beings are in the cosmos, yet religious zealots fit in the importance of human beings in it.

As we understand from Carl Sagon'a famous pale blue dot speech we don't exist for our universe, we have no impact on our universe, galaxy, solar system and contrary to our belief on our home - Earth.

Scientist may tell you that the probability of life in universe is very high; which also include the so called intelligent life like us - Humans. We started looking for it in recent decades and it is possible we may not find one ever, The reason is simple, in the vast expanse of space-time civilizations come and go in the blink of a cosmic eye.

Yet LIFE will continue to thrive across cosmos irrespective of whether we find one or no; whether we are here or not.

Just as our belief of being at the centre of universe few centuries ago was a result of our myopic and religion centric system, Our belief of being special form of life is waiting to be shattered.